– ‘The Blimp’ by Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

I woke up on a set of wooden pallets, secured together by a panel of soggy ply board on the inside of some forgotten service tunnel access in central London. I like to think life is all about relativity, and compared to the brutally cold concrete floor most the rest of the team were snuggled up against- this was a king size deluxe mattress. I was also, relative to Oliver at least (who was suffering from a seemingly life threatening hangover), feeling rather spritly. Excellent. Bumbling out of our place of rest and into the morning light, we made our way back to the car for the drive back to civilisation.

We hadn’t gotten far out of LDN, when we were distracted by a pair of massive, massive sheds.

One disused zeppelin facility please.

Eye spy, with my little eye…


We slowly made our way towards the blimp, the parked car and lit-up office at the end of the building causing a little puzzlement..
“He probably won’t come out…”

Just as I was making my way down to the side of the airship to get one last sneaky snap (my partner in crime was already making his way back up the length of the hanger), out came a securiton.
It’s really hard trying to hide in a 247m x 83m empty space, but somehow, I made it back to the safe confines of one of the old inner workshop buildings halfway up the hanger by ducking, diving and army crawling with a fully extended tripod and camera.. Hmmph. Now what?

By this time, our man in the shed had two new friends, and appeared to be building something at the far end of the hanger. We cooked up a rainbow-six esque route through the little cover between us and the giant hanger door, timing our moves to the movements of the men at the end of the hanger. What a waste of time that was..

Another “three-two-one quick! quick!go!go!go!shit!” to add to the fail bin…

It worked though.

Back to the north :)


Thanks to Brad and the London team for a brilliant night of sillyness. :)