They say you should never meet your heros.
I don’t know why, they’re some of my best mates:

Greaze – Blocks on lock.
General Kosmosa – Ultimo Kiev
VAST – Utter Fucking Wisdom.
Guerrilla Exploring – Numbered sites, Numbered People, Tube addict.
Bresciaunderground – Brescia, no one comes close
GE066 – Extensive site, super secret squirrel.
Dr Howser – The Turbonator
Urbanity’s Edge-City – Old school hero.
tweek – Love of the North.
no entre – Hyperdrive
The Bohemian Blog – Darmons hideout
Cave Clan. – By rights, something this good should not exist.
Gone. – No nonsense backhand
Keitei – Real life Lara – Absolute maniac
SubstormFlow – Concrete Jungle’s drain emporium
Suboffender – Stalactites and lofty heights.
DrainFreak – MSP Original
Adders – Drains of Anarchy
UrbanDecay – Asylums. All the Asylums.
Falconry Life (my-sokol) – Ukrainian rooftopping hero.
infinityisnow – Real fuckin life.
siologen – Grand Don, invented the word Urbex don’t you know?
Nckt – Metro with the lights on
strayoffthepath – Bristol smackdown
SleepyCity – Virulent chinababyface umbecks rockstar
qx – Click for jealously
KevinArnold – One of Londons true dons.
TheEyeOfSilence – Pr0 fots from the top.
Lana Sator – Rocket queen.
mortaldecay – Drainiac
morse – Germanic precision.
BobaLow – Keeping it real
Vadim Mahorov – From Russia with Love.
Moe Gates – NYC Inspiration.
The Winch – Asylum connoisseur, metro slayer. – Pyestock. From a time when everything was much, much simpler.

28dl is a web forum. is a web forum.

Hall of the dead:
The UK scene used to be busting at the seams with decent quality exploration blogs, now there aren’t too many. Once you get old guard, there is a tendancy to get bored and cease activities or stop writing about them as the targets of expliots get closer and closer to the boundry of law (and those who enforce it). All these URLs no longer work, but i’ll keep em here in case any of these old heros decide to get back on it!

silentUK – Otter’s site, former home of Crack The Surface.
not-legit – Making London his bitch since before you knew it.
PtChaw – UK Freight hops
bonuslevel – You think you’re keeping busy…?
Stitch – Watch this space – Former home of London ninja Silent Motion
Eric Ruggiero – Still on it, just staying shtum. If you want to know more you’ll have to meet him in person.
user_scott – Moved onwards and upwards.
Witek – “Does anyone care about urbex anymore?”
sewerfresh – Awesomeness aggregator
Vivo – Geordie pro
Grittycity – New Wave of British Heavy Urbex
ProUrbex// Pro as fuck. Mostly urbex. Need to know more (well tough shit. links dead). – loops. Some amazing film shots from way back when we all thought this shit was important.
Created Void – Trains, drains and cranes, but mainly trains.
no promise of safety – American badass.
Millhouse – Can he rig it? Yes he can!
AdventureWorldwide. – From the top of the Alps to the depths of the Subway
dicky – Edgework emperor – Domain now a clothing store.. what?
trackrunners – Apparently, people like to run around in train tunnels. Now offline.
analepsis – filmlord
Marc explo – A certain je ne sais quoi
UnderOverIn – OllieGTs old digs.
aurelie – East coast stunners
Undercity – Everyone’s favourite youtube star Steve Duncan