Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if I could sack off the freezing Northern winter and go muck about in some train tunnels in a warmer climate with some like minded track enthusiasts.¬†

Weirdly, I wasn’t the first person to think this.

Mr NCKAPITA figured out he could make a full time job of this malarky and upped sticks to be in one of the tunnel running capitals of the EU last summer. Remarkably, he didn’t waste his time sinking crates of San Miguel and chasing catalonian poon, seemingly getting straight to business judging by the quantity of track flicks appearing online before he’d probably learned to say ‘Ola’.

Myself and the ever enthusiastic GE066 wanted in on the action, and so hopped on the easyjets to the city of Barcalona.

I was going to wax lyrical (as usual) about the absurdity of running around subway tunnels for fun, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time and not ruin it with my big mouth.

barca 21

barca 20

barca 19

Gaudi: nice one this. All marble derp station a quick jog down from that massive church they’re knocking up. Real deal kiddos. barca 18

barca 17

barca 16

barca 15

barca 14

Minus fuck knows back home and it’s still t-shirt weather here. Winner winner chicken dinner.


barca 13

barca 12

barca 10

barca 9

There are plenty of sexy access point into the network if you’ve got the dexterity, you just need to know where to look ;)

barca 8

Coming out of the tunnels after a successful inspection, we were trapped under this fucker of a hatch waiting for the street cleaner to finish his business. According to our man, they have a habit of calling you in to the¬†Mossos – those ultra badman don’t take fuck off for an answer brutality boys.

So, waited we did, as the street cleaner got closer and closer.

Stood upright trying to be as still as possible in the shadows, the street cleaner got to our grate, and rather than just passing as we expected, generously sprayed all the rubbish, dirt and leaves into it using his water hose, giving us a right soaking in the process.

barca 6

barca 5


Correos (that means ‘post’ to you lot) was an old metro station in the centre of town that got abandoned in the 70s and provides a lovely little jaunt for those seeking to combine their Catalonian history with some life endangering train dodging. As far as I know, most people do this in the week when you can pop in a grill and see the station with the lights on in beautiful high-constrast glory. We fucked this up a bit, so it was platform hopping and train dodging in the pitch black for us.

More fun, right?

barca 1

barca 2

barca 3


As always. Thanks to GE066 and NCKT.

Absolute gents.